My reaction to the CDC policy change

Today the CDC dropped mask requirements in the vast majority of spaces. 

Here are my initial thoughts...

  1. I don’t think removing a mask requirement will improve vaccine hesitancy in the US. Maybe a little, but nothing meaningful. I’m in the weeds with the community, wearing a mask doesn’t even land in the top 20 reasons people won’t get a vaccine. 

  2. This relies on an honor system, which will crumble. This puts the onus on businesses to endorse and enforce. And this will make masks even more politicized. 

  3. There are much smarter deimplementation strategies we could have gone with, like reaching the critical threshold of 59% and/or until every American has at least had an opportunity to get a vaccine and/or at least waited until transmission calmed down so this virus stops mutating. There are only 4 states with moderate transmission, 0 states with mild transmission. 

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had another wave this summer

  5. Someone should write a book about the implementation, de-implementation, and scientific communication downfalls of the US during a global pandemic

  6. I’ll still be wearing my mask inside. For my daughters. For my best friend who is immunocompromised. And until we can get this beast under control. And once we get there, I’ll be the first to have a massive mask burning bonfire. Maybe I’m being too careful. Maybe I’m a sheep. But, quite frankly, I don’t care. 

Bottom line: It was too soon. And, this should be interesting...

Love, YLE