Navigating kid-related activities by COVID-19 risk tolerance level

There has been little-to-no guidance for us, parents, on navigating this world with unvaccinated children.

So, our team of epidemiologists, immunologists, and public health, biological, and clinician scientists (who are also all moms!) collaborated to create a guide to help navigate the risks associated with kid-related activities.

Everyone's risk threshold is different- with some being more risk adverse than others. So, we categorized activities by low, moderate, and high risk. Parents should also factor community-level vaccination rates, as well as current levels of COVID-19 transmission when assessing these risks. Further, if your child is high-risk (e.g. asthma, obese, medical complexity, etc., HERE is a list) or you have high-risk individuals in your household (i.e. elderly, immunocompromised) your risk tolerance should be lowered.

We did our best to include many activities that kids enjoy during the summertime but, of course, this list is not exhaustive. Use your best judgement. And, remember, you're killing it as a parent in this very confusing time.

All the best,

YLE (and Dr. Jess Steier, DrPH; Dr. Andrea Love, PhD; Dr. Alison Bernstein, PhD; Dr.  Rebecca J. Heick, PhD; Dr. Malia Jones, MPH PhD; Dr. Eve Bloomgarden, MD; Dr. Liz Marnik, PhD; and Dr. Marla Clayman, MPH PhD)

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And here it is broken down…