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Here come the antivirals

State of Affairs: Dec 28

Pan-coronavirus "super" vaccine

Omicron Update: Dec 22

Why did the Pfizer young kids trial fail?

Omicron Update: Dec 17

YLE has reached 126 countries. What's next? Survey results

Omicron Update: Dec 13

The holidays with my family

Omicron: We're getting (some) answers

Omicron Update: Dec 4

Omicron Update: Dec 2

Omicron Update: Nov 29

Go get your vaccine, especially with Omicron

Omicron Update: Nov 27

New Concerning Variant: B.1.1.529

Using antigen tests for Thanksgiving week

Boosters for 18+? ACIP meeting today

How vaccines reduce long COVID

State of Affairs: Europe. Should we stop counting cases?

How vaccines reduce transmission

Rubella: We vaccinate for far less

State of Affairs: Nov 8

Upcoming holiday season

Be patient with your pediatrician and pharmacy...

Vaccine for 5-11 year olds: ACIP cliff notes

State of Affairs: Nov 1, 2021

Trick-or-treating: It's different this year

"Pediatric Vaccines: Top 8 Parental Concerns Answered" PDF

Vaccines for 5-11 year olds: FDA meeting cliff notes

State of Affairs: Oct 25, 2021

What booster should I get? Data from ACIP may help

Why didn’t Powell’s vaccine work?

State of Affairs: Oct 17

FDA Meetings: Cliff notes for the Moderna booster, J&J booster, and mixing

Mixing vaccines: The study we've all been waiting for

Mu vs. Delta. Does it call for a Delta booster?

Who are you?

A sober COVID19 statistic: 140,000 children without their caregiver

Go get your flu shot. Especially this year.

Why do we have waves? And was this the final one?

Where are the antivirals?

State of Affairs: Sept 29, 2021

Mask requirements in school work!

…Booster update

ACIP meeting: Additional Pfizer dose

Vaccine Table Updated: Sept 23

Pediatric Vaccines: FAQ from parents

State of Affairs: Sept 19, 2021

J&J folks: This is what we know

Just kidding… some need the 3rd dose

Some need the 3rd shot for now: FDA cliff notes

Moderna vs. Pfizer: Is there a difference?

Drastic shift for pandemic preparedness: But something is missing

Myocarditis, preprints, and the UK

20 years after 9/11: Through a public health lens

18 months after the WHO declared a pandemic

School outbreaks and what it means for hospital capacity

Mu variant: Should you be worried?

State of Affairs: Sept 6, 2021

Pediatric hospitalizations: Some important news today

This is not about COVID19, but another important public health topic

What's going on with Israel? And what does it mean for the US?

State of Affairs: August 30, 2021

Two big studies: Israel preprint and Delta severity

Schools: Mitigation measures in the light of Delta

Role in the transmission chain: Vaccinated vs. unvaccinated

Full FDA approval: What will this change? A lot.

State of Affairs: August 23, 2021

Confused about the 3rd dose? Me too

Pediatric numbers: 3 things to keep an eye on

State of Affairs: August 16, 2021

Immunocompromised people need an additional dose: ACIP cliff notes

Pregnancy and vaccines: Latest and greatest

Dr. Stock’s presentation is filled with disinformation

“Natural” immunity protection and variants

State of Affairs: August 9, 2021

Latest and greatest on Delta among vaccinated


Vaccines continue to be safe for adolescents

State of Affairs: August 2, 2021

Advocating for kids: Resources that can help

Big headlines today

Pfizer efficacy in Israel vs. UK. Which one is correct?

Long COVID among breakthrough cases?

Be angry. But do it with a mask on. Some FAQ answered...

COVID19’s impact on the brain

State of Affairs: July 26, 2021

All eyes on the Olympics

Summer superspreader events among kids

Vaccine hesitant: How can you help?

Lots of questions from parents: Here’s some insight

Current State of Affairs: July 19

How many breakthrough cases are there?

Another safety signal? Guillain-Barre Syndrome

A third dose?

Current state of affairs: July 12

CDC says schools in session

Herd immunity is not a light switch

Anndddd there's another variant of interest

Can our immunity wall protect us from Delta?

J&J and Delta update

Your public health workers are not okay

CDC vs. WHO on masking

Vaccine Table Update: Lots on Delta

Israel, 50% of infected are vaccinated, and base rate bias

COVID-19: The Worst Birthday Gift?

Today's ACIP meeting: myocarditis and booster shots

An all hands on deck response to a pandemic of misinformation

2021: The year of gun violence?

Not enough pregnant people are vaccinated

An update on myocarditis cases

Novavax, coming in hot!

Navigating kid-related activities by COVID-19 risk tolerance level

Fighting misinformation: Two events next week

Delta variant, the UK, and implications for the US

Childhood hospitalizations

Vaccine Table Update: June 4, 2021

Progress towards herd immunity

3 weeks since CDC’s guidance change

2021 Summer Olympics

Yet another Op Ed

Guidance for parents: SPANISH

Vaccines among immunocompromised

Yankees “outbreak”

Inflammation of the heart and vaccines

Guidance for parents regarding the COVID19 vaccine

Vaccine Table Update: May 20, 2021

Mixing vaccines (AZ and Pfizer) is safe.

Mask mandates in schools. My two cents.

HIPAA Violation?

My reaction to the CDC policy change

ACIP meeting for the Pfizer adolescent vaccine: Your cliff notes

Moderna booster works!

FDA vs. CDC and the adolescent vaccine

Questions from parents...

Good news for B.1.617 (India variant)

Vaccine Table Update: May 5, 2021

CDC meeting re: Pfizer adolescent vaccine scheduled

Coffee with an (ex) anti-vaxxer!

I've recovered from COVID19, why do I need a vaccine?

Vaccine coercion

Children account for 22.4% of COVID cases

When will hospitalizations start decreasing?

Women's health and the COVID19 vaccine

"Double mutant" first detected in India

Vaccine Table Update: April 27, 2021

Guns, kids, and the pandemic

JJ will be available again, to everyone, in the US

Outbreak after a vaccination campaign in Kentucky

VAERS data… take it with a grain of salt.

Both mom and dad are vaccinated. But the kiddos aren't. Now what?

Breakthrough cases

JJ: Emergency ACIP meeting cliff notes

More good questions...

J&J: Questions answered from a scientific perspective

18 reasons I SHOULD be getting a Covid vaccine.

Variants in the U.S.

Car crash fatalities...and the pandemic?

The pandemic's impact on suicide

COVID19 was the 3rd leading cause of death

Vaccine table updated

Easter during a pandemic

Easter during a pandemic

Vaccine pregnancy data: The latest and greatest

The Pfizer vaccine works for adolescents!

Get. that. vaccine. in. your. arm.

Long COVID: vaccines’ impact and prevalence among (initially) asymptomatic

Great (and terrible) hypotheses

Police officers and use of force

Moms on a Mission

Astra Zeneca debacle, pediatric trial update, and more.

Mass shootings are predictable.

AZ and NIH disagree

AstraZeneca U.S. trial

Your national (U.S.) report: March 21, 2021

The fastest slowest year

Update: AstraZeneca and blood clots

AstraZeneca and blood clots...

Where is the variant surge?

Noteworthy COVID19 studies from the past week...

COVID19 was not like the flu

CDC guidelines re: vaccinated

Vaccines and fetal cells

Adding to the infograph tomorrow!

We're in a weird pandemic "phase"

Texas, we are coming to help.

Individual freedom vs population health

Head. Desk.

National (U.S.) report: March 2, 2021

Selective pressure

Vaccine table update: Feb 28, 2021

If I get vaccinated...

Your second half report...

Today's FDA meeting: Half time report



Prep for FDA Meeting: J&J data

Closing the gap on school transmission

Unfortunately, we will NOT reach herd immunity in April...

Half a million deaths...

Two studies for your consideration

Vaccine and transmission: An update

And an update on the vaccines...

Your National (U.S.) Report: Feb 19, 2021

Variant update

Taking a few days off

COVID19 drugs

CDC and opening schools

Your National (U.S.) Report: Feb 12, 2021


Israel & the vaccine.

CDC updated recommendations...


Success stories

When will we ever reach herd immunity?

Variant Update

The show must go on...

Translating science to the community


Texas Update 2/4/21

National (U.S.) Update

Delayed second dose and (yes) transmission…

COVID19 vaccines will NOT destroy our lives

Mom to baby transmission of antibodies

Updated Vaccine Table

Variant B.1.351


ACIP meeting- Jan 27

National (US) update...


Pre-treatment before vaccine


Bad news about the circulating variants…

Kids and COVID-19 vaccination...


“But 99% of people don’t die”.

Deaths and the vaccine…

The vaccine got to us incredibly fast

Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines...

mRNA and DNA

Vaccines are made with mutations in mind

Vaccine after COVID19 infection

Quick update...

Vaccine and pregnancy/breastfeeding…

Vaccine hesitancy…

Sputnik V

S. Africa Variant

Update on UK strain (and kids)...

National Update

Fighting Misinformation