Big headlines today

I’ve not seen this level of anxiety from everyone since the beginning of the pandemic. There are big headlines, leaked CDC documents, scientists speaking out, reports of filled hospitals (including pediatric ICU’s). It’s like we are in a terrible movie. Here are my high-level thoughts…

Delta is changing the game. 

  • Yes, Delta is more contagious than smallpox and is as contagious as chickenpox. On average, one person will infect 8-10 other people with Delta. This is much higher than previous variants.

  • Yes, the vaccinated can spread the virus. 

  • Yes, masks work and are needed. 

Vaccines continue to protect against severe disease. 

  • Yes, there’re more breakthrough cases with Delta, but they’re still very rare. Breakthrough cases continue to be more mild than unvaccinated cases. 

  • Yes, we (as a nation) need to consider 3rd doses for older, immunocompromised, and healthcare workers. 

We should be concerned about schools

  • Yes, pediatric hospitals are filling up. 

  • Yes, kids are key players in the transmission chain. 

  • No, not nearly enough eligible kids (or adults) are vaccinated. 

  • Yes, its. a major problem when schools are not allowed (or just don’t want to) implement effective public health measures.  

Yes, we all saw this coming.

The sky is not falling, but the world is on fire. Stay vigilant. Keep a steady head. Every epi curve comes down. This one will too eventually. 

Love, YLE

I had a great conversation with March for Science today on this topic. For FAQ, check out the recording here.