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Thanks for this, Katelyn. I've encountered this argument with several of my patients and, even though I have recommended vaccination for all my convalescent patients, I've had a difficult time finding strong data to support that approach. You're the best. Rock on!

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my question here is this:

okay, the body makes more antibodies in response to the vaccine than natural immunity. BUT are these extra antibodies needed? do they correlate to better outcomes? we all know that anybody response is only one piece of the immune response to covid. how do the other elements of immunity respond? AND is there any possibility that too many antibodies is a bad thing? ie we all know that part of what kills people with this disease is actually the immune response and inflammation. could having too many antibodies put one at risk for an over reaction?

i had covid in jan and am still testing positive for the antibodies. (the spike 2 protein antibodies, they don’t test for the “all over the place” antibodies). i’m very unsure if i should get the vaccine. of course i don’t want to get covid again, but i also don’t want to set off an over reaction in my immune system. vaccination is not without risk. and i don’t know if i need to take the risk. when people tell me to, they sound much more dogmatic than scientific or even acknowledging of ares of doubt or reasonable concern. your guidance would be appreciated.

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Dear Katelyn,

thank you so much for all the great work you do! I already sent you this question via FB, but thought I'd give it a try here. :-)

Have you been able to also gather data on how much time should pass between infection and vaccination? The recommendation by the WHO and in Europe is 6-8 months. The CDC doesn't really give a clear recommendation, but it seems to be directly after infection (unless one has received monoclonal antibodies).

I would love to be able to show my doctor some evidence that I should be vaccinated as quickly as possible, as I'm pregnant and Delta is spreading fast in Europe.

Thank you again!


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