Vaccine Table Updated: Sept 23

It’s been a while since I updated my vaccine table. And, honestly, things are getting so complicated so fast that I’ve been actively avoiding it. But I keep getting requests, so here it is. Peach colors means changes/updates from last table.

A few notes…

  • ACIP has been meeting re: 3rd dose for Pfizer. Today they’ll decide on who, exactly, needs a third dose

  • I removed vaccines not approved/authorized in the United States (AstraZeneca, Novavax, J&J smaller, two dose trial). I recognize that I have a very international audience on this (someone even translated this in Greek before!), but I’m barely being able to keep track of things in the United States. If I find time, I’ll update the international vaccines on another post

  • Neutralizing antibodies (NA): This is always asked when I post this table. There are two ways to measure how well a vaccine works: Efficacy and immunogenicity. Immunogenicity is a more complicated metric that measures the type of immune responses that the vaccine generates and their magnitude over time (i.e. neutralizing antibodies). It’s difficult to directly map NA to a protective immune response. But the higher the number the better.

Love, YLE