Welcome to Your Local Epidemiologist (YLE) newsletter! 

My name is Dr. Katelyn Jetelina. I have a Masters in Public Health and PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

In my “free time”, I write this newsletter. It started in March 2020 to update students, faculty, and staff on the developments of the pandemic. In 24 months, it’s grown to an international audience.

The purpose of this newsletter is to provide a direct line of “translated” public health science to the local, national, and international community. Over the past two years, I’ve covered COVID-19 topics ranging from variants, to vaccines and booster roll outs, to exciting new developments like antivirals, and context to some of our greatest unanswered questions. YLE has also started to dip into other public health topics, like mental health, other infectious diseases, and public health current events (thanks to the feedback from the YLE audience last October). My hope is that, together, YLE provides breadth and depth into the pandemic, epidemiology, and public health overall. Public health touches all of our lives, even outside of a pandemic.

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Thank you for supporting the scientific communication of evidence-based information. It’s needed now more than ever.

Love, Katelyn (YLE)

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Katelyn Jetelina 
An epidemiologist trying to make sense of this world