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My first reaction on seeing your article's headline was: "Wait... What?!" Then I read the article.

Nicely done, Dr. J. I look forward to reading more from you... on whatever you decide to publish!

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This is a great introduction. It bears repeating that there is a paucity of data and research because the NRA motivated Congress to pass a law forbidding it at the CDC and elsewhere. Also a US Surgeon General's appointment was held up for a year because he had spoken up about gun violence. Now it seems the same wonderful politicians have turned their ire and disdain on needles.

Under mental health you cited the Violence Project. They, as I am sure you know, do great work and their book is a wonderful read even though the topic is grim. As my professional interest is in child abuse, I would refer you to their comprehensive spread sheet. Of the ~ 200 mass shooting perpetrators, they had good childhood histories on 66, of whom 60 had well documented abuse trauma as children. Another morbidity from that generally over looked epidemic. BTW since psychiatry does not consider childhood trauma a disease in the DSM it is often overlooked or missing in many epidemiologic studies of mental disorders as well as mass shootings.

See our

EXPERT REVIEW, Recognizing the importance of childhood maltreatment as a critical factor in psychiatric diagnoses, treatment, research, prevention, and education, Martin H. Teicher, Jeoffry B. Gordon and Charles B. Nemeroff, Molecular Psychiatry; https://doi.org/10.1038/s41380-021-01367-9

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Great post. Thank you.

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I’m so happy that you’re expanding beyond Covid. I never thought of mass shootings through the lens of public health but it makes so much sense. Thank you for this.

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KJ - SHOCKED you brought this up. DETAILS MATTER.

This is far more than a Mass Shooting - and KJ, you should look into the details. Its hard to provide context without the details.

Your posts are so brilliant on COVID specifically because you explain the details that common folks can not find or do not understand the nuance.

The first reason that mass shootings have increased, has to do with the emptying of jails and prisons and the lack of bail for criminals. Crime in inner cities with "criminal justice reform" are suffering an epidemic of violent crime.

Before you look at guns, look at the details, the people that are shooting the guns.

Specifically this mass shooting - details as follows

This man is mentally ill.

This man is a racist. He wanted people dead.

His rants on social media are despicable that i would not repeat. His name is Frank R James if you want to learn how sick and racist this man was. But its really disturbing.

This is a hate crime, and worse, buried by the media.. like the crime of the Waukesha Parade that killed 6 and injured 77. You know the name of the driver?? You know Noah Green? But you probably know Kyle Rittenhouse...

The real issue is the racism narrative the press wants to push to sell more papers.

I will say the quiet part out loud - If Frank R James was white his social media posts showing his racist rants would be plastered all over the media and the FBI would be involved.

Our politicians have made race meaningful again after a 30-40 years of judging people by the content of their character...

I wish you would get to the details of the real data and patterns instead of saying guns guns guns.

(Darrell Brooks Jr is the driver that killed 6 (1 child) and injured 77 in Waukesha.)

details matter K

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Whether or not mass shootings have increased, the gun homicide rate is nearly even with the gun suicide rate over the last two years.

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Your blogs are always amazing and so are you! Thanks so much for enlightening us!

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Thank you!

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I have a question about this statistic: "The annual rate is about one incident per 50 million people in the U.S.". Wouldn't that mean, if there are 300 million Americans, that the incidence would be 6/year? I'm wondering if I'm interpreting it incorrectly.

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