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21 Public Health Accomplishments in 2023

State of Affairs: Dec 19, 2023

Traveling for abortions: The untold story

Women fighting for their lives in the US

Is public health becoming illiberal?

State of Affairs: Dec 5

Okay people, I need your help

Has Covid messed with our immune systems?

Vaccine disparities are worse post-emergency

It's the holiday season! Here are simple steps to navigate viruses

State of Affairs: November 16

Drop in routine vaccinations

States are withholding vaccine information

Business plays a key role in trust

Wastewater switch

State of Affairs: Oct 31

Fall 2023 vaccine coverage and reaching "passive positives"

My utter failure to write about the public health implications of war

Social media, terrorist attacks, war, and vicarious trauma

State of Affairs: Oct 12

Novavax is here!

A response to Florida Surgeon General's anti-human remarks

Karikó and Weissman’s Nobel Prize

Vaccine rollout is a mess today, but wasn't during the pandemic.

Don't be surprised if masks come back to hospitals and nursing homes

Updated 2023 fall vaccine chart

Be careful comparing the U.S. to other countries

Considerations for your fall Covid-19 vaccine

Your ACIP cliff notes

State of affairs: Parent edition

BA.2.86 update

Ezra Klein Show

Your top 7 questions about fall vaccines answered

What will this fall/winter look like?

A new variant: BA.2.86

A guide to Fall vaccine options



Riding the COVID-19 waves: 2023 style

Changes in heat-related illnesses?

Oppenheimer: What does it mean today?

Part 2: Lessons I learned during the pandemic

COVID-19: Catch up quick

Lessons I learned during the pandemic

Malaria in the states: A sign of climate change?

Heat, humidity, and smoke... oh my.

Harassment against scientists is out of control

The one year (scientific) story of the fall of Roe v. Wade

When (and how) do we debate vaccine science?

FDA's fall 2023 vaccine plan

Panic and neglect; panic and neglect

Wildfire smoke, COVID-19, and striking comparisons

Well, it's wildfire season...

Remember monkeypox? It may be back in headlines

Truth, trust, and hope. Where to start?

Catch up quick: COVID-19

Mass shootings’ cascading impact

Mental health and social media among teens

Housekeeping: Public health 101

End of PHE: A shift in data

Texas, guns, and stats

A monumental moment: End of international emergency

Hype or hope? Nasal COVID-19 vaccines

Evolution of Florida vaccine analysis

Do I need a spring booster?

Abortion pills: An option not talked about

ACIP meeting: Spring booster Cliff notes

Catch-up quick: COVID-19

Focus on communication

Abortion pills: What's going on?

Bullets and children. And what to do about it.

Why do we forget after catastrophic events?

Active shooter drills: Do risks outweigh benefits?

Yet another school mass shooting

Do we need a spring COVID-19 booster?

State of Affairs: March 21, 2023

Anniversary and survey results

Catch up quick: Long COVID

House Select Subcommittee, GBD, and revisionism

Ohio train derailment: The public health angle

Unraveling the RSV vaccine clinical trial data

COVID-19 Origin Debate

Today's ACIP meeting Cliff notes

Norovirus has entered the chat

Do masks work?

Out this week

The Last of Us: Perspectives from an epidemiologist and a plant scientist

What ending the emergency actually means

Are we still in a COVID-19 emergency?

Gas stoves: Is there a public health component worth discussing?

Annual COVID-19 booster? FDA cliff notes

Why are there no eggs? Avian flu and keeping human risk low

The science (and business) behind COVID-19 disinformation. And what to do about it.

COVID-19 vaccines and sudden deaths: Separating fact from fiction

Who are you? Round 2

COVID-19 Research Round-up

Triple-demic State of Affairs: Jan 5