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Mass shootings’ cascading impact

Mental health and social media among teens

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Texas, guns, and stats

A monumental moment: End of international emergency

Hype or hope? Nasal COVID-19 vaccines

Evolution of Florida vaccine analysis

Do I need a spring booster?

Abortion pills: An option not talked about

ACIP meeting: Spring booster Cliff notes

Catch-up quick: COVID-19

Focus on communication, not misinformation

Abortion pills: What's going on?

Bullets and children. And what to do about it.

Why do we forget after catastrophic events?

Active shooter drills: Do risks outweigh benefits?

Yet another school mass shooting

Do we need a spring COVID-19 booster?

State of Affairs: March 21, 2023

Anniversary and survey results

Catch up quick: Long COVID

House Select Subcommittee, GBD, and revisionism

Ohio train derailment: The public health angle

Unraveling the RSV vaccine clinical trial data

COVID-19 Origin Debate

Today's ACIP meeting Cliff notes

Norovirus has entered the chat

Do masks work?

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The Last of Us: Perspectives from an epidemiologist and a plant scientist

What ending the emergency actually means

Are we still in a COVID-19 emergency?

Gas stoves: Is there a public health component worth discussing?

Annual COVID-19 booster? FDA cliff notes

Why are there no eggs? Avian flu and keeping human risk low

The science (and business) behind COVID-19 disinformation. And what to do about it.

COVID-19 vaccines and sudden deaths: Separating fact from fiction

Who are you? Round 2

COVID-19 Research Round-up

Triple-demic State of Affairs: Jan 5