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COVID in China, the U.S., and everything in-between

Boosters for kids under 5: A quick update

Fall bivalent boosters: Science update round 4

Long COVID: An update and gauging risk

Musk, Fauci, trust in science, and how to make it survive

Fall bivalent boosters: Science update round 3

State of Affairs: December 6, 2022

The State of Covid & the Triple-demic: A Conversation

COVID-19 in China and global concern

Thanksgiving week! Friendly reminder

Who is dying from COVID19?

State of Affairs: November 16, 2022

RSV is back: FAQ

Data on a post-Dobbs world

Thinking through the holidays this year

Fall bivalent boosters: Science update round 2

State of Affairs 10/26/22: Triple Threat

Spanish version sent by mistake

Una mejor campaña de dosis de refuerzo

A better booster campaign

ACIP meeting: Updated info on COVID-19, vaccine safety for kids and pregnancy

COVID-19 State of Affairs: Oct 18

Fall boosters, myocarditis, and benefits/risks for young people

National Academies Award

Paxlovid update: Effectiveness, rebounding, drug interactions

COVID State of Affairs: Oct 5

mRNA in breastmilk. That's okay. And more on COVID19 vaccines and pregnancy

Fall bivalent boosters: Science update

The "common" viruses for our kids may be back

Self-managed abortion with pills: Medically safe, legally risky

State of Affairs (Sept 19): COVID19, MPX, Polio, and... Flu

400 Americans are dying each day. We cannot accept this reality.

One shot per year? We really need to step up our game then

Considerations for your fall booster

Fall Boosters ACIP Meeting: Cliff notes

Fall boosters: An update

State of Affairs: COVID-19, MPX, and ...Polio

Why older people are at higher risk for severe COVID-19

It’s time for the ACAM2000 conversation

A reaction to the CDC guidance

How effective are MPX vaccines?

A plan for the upcoming school year

How is monkeypox spread?

COVID-19 and Monkeypox: Similarities and differences

White House visit

COVID State of Affairs: July 25

Polio: An unfortunate reminder of the decline in routine vaccinations

Novavax is here! Just not the silver bullet we need

BA.5 is here. Time to ride the wave.

Limited access to abortion is a public health issue: How you can help

Epidemiology of reinfections

COVID State of Affairs: July 7

Monkeypox Vaccine 101

Dose 1 is done! A thank you

Clarity for fall: We're getting an Omicron booster

Monkeypox is not a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, but perhaps it should be

BA.4/5 is sweeping the globe

COVID-19 vaccine info for trusted messengers: Kids <5 years

FDA meeting for <5 COVID vaccine: Q&A

Predicting the Fall and Boosters

The Morning today is...wrong

Firearms: What you can do right now

It’s hard to explain (and fix) evil

COVID State of Affairs: May 31


We can reduce gun violence in the U.S.

MPX State of Affairs: May 26

A note... and Q&A boosters for 5-11 year olds

Monkeypox 101, unanswered questions, and the bigger picture

Are we in a public health emergency?

State of Affairs: May 16

Rebounding after Paxlovid

Banning abortions will not stop abortions

Why is U.S. national data so terrible?

State of Affairs: May 2

Pediatric State of Affairs: April 28

Severe hepatitis outbreak among children

SARS-CoV-2 transmission on planes

State of Affairs: April 19

Epidemiology of Mass Shootings

State of Affairs: Can we trust case numbers?

XE and why we may want Omicron to mutate

Original antigenic sin: Are boosters a threat?

State of Affairs: April 1

Fourth Dose Q&A

The power of ventilation and filtration

Another mRNA booster or not?

Pandemic of kindness: A world full of resilience

State of Affairs: March 21

Pandemic Preparedness: S. Korea, Vietnam, and…the U.S?

State of Affairs: March 14 (Europe, Asia, U.S., and Deltacron)

Long COVID19 Mini-Series: Indicators and Treatment

Long COVID Mini-Series: Kids

Long COVID Mini-Series: The Heart

Long COVID Mini-Series: Burden

Pediatric vaccine effectiveness: New real world evidence

Long COVID-19 questions?

Understanding Risk

New CDC (mask) guidance: My two cents

Two week recap: Denmark, BA.2, and boosters

Taking a short break

Wastewater: Taking surveillance to the next level

Riding the waves: A framework for the future of SARS-CoV-2

Two underdog but game changing vaccines: NVX-CoV2373 (Novavax) and CORBEVAX

Here comes the under 5 vaccine! But I have questions...

State of Affairs: Jan 31

Predicting the next booster

What now? How pandemics end

State of Affairs: Jan 24

The COVID19 vaccine does not impact fertility: Latest science

Antigen Tests: Real World Data

State of Affairs: Jan 18

Influenza is back…sort of

State of Affairs: Pediatrics and Omicron

State of Affairs: Jan 10

Our Youth are Struggling with Mental Health

A quick note on masks and CDC guidance...

Antigen tests and Omicron

There is good news

State of Affairs: Jan 3